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Jupiter Water Ionizers And What You Need To Know

Jupiter water ionizers are market leading models of water ionizers. Despite being produced almost entirely in Korea, Jupiter water ionizers maintain a strong share of the global trade in water ionizers simply because of their fantastic legacy  attributed to a solid history of  quality products as well as customer care after the sale. Despite constant fluctuations in demand and a reshuffling of the corporate structure these ionizers are positioned to be market leaders for a long time.

What Exactly Is A Water Alkalizer

Water ionizers pass the water over charged electrodes making it alkaline, the opposite of acidic. The ionization of water is recognized by health care professionals and members of the general public alike as the most healthful way to consume water, as university and hospital experiments have demonstrated that melanoma tumors are destroyed by coming into contact with this alkaline elixer. Many statistics continue to prove that much of the water accessible to most of the populations on earth is demonstrated to be acidic.


Jupiter Water Ionizers

are certainly among the most popular ionizers on the market, from its early days in the 80’s. One reason for this is the components which make up water alkalizers made by Jupiter. As an example, the electrodes in ionizers made by Jupiter are comprised of  titanium, not only one of the strongest but also one of the most precious metals on the planet. This ensures unparalleled durability as well the longest useful life.

Yet another selling point of these machines is the filters in the Jupiter water ionizers, provide filtration both before and after ionization, straining out particles using activated carbon. By utilizing this type of water filtration ninety-nine percent of all chlorine can be eliminated in addtion to other carcinogens including benzene. It incorporates a silver alloy so that the ionizer will be in use for years to come.

Jupiter Water Ionizers also contain a unique attribute that you can’t find with other water ionzers. This feature is an opening that provides for the addition of vitamins and minerals in order to create an ionized water that has a much higher pH. Many of the vitamins and minerals that could be added include magnesium, calcium, and others which are vital to a healthy life. Countless people feel that the ability to add vital nutrients gives the consumer the ability to ensure even greater health impact providing the end user the ability to adjust the water alkalizer to his or her own needs.

As far as quality in design and fabrication, these products are without peers. Their return rate remains the lowest in any business maintaining an enviable level at near zero. Consequently the level of customer satisfaction as well as the quality of the product, remain consistent with their reputation for unsurpassed quality.

As a result of their strong performances, these ionizers have been copied in the market place. Now competing firms are selling alkalizers, the majority patterned after the market-leading Jupiter models. This has caused Jupiter sharing the market,however Jupter’s reputation for a quality product has kept Jupiter as the market leader in spite of competing products from other brands.

Not long ago, Jupiter went into partnership with another company called Ionways, another leader water ionizers and fitration devices. Currently,this conglomerate is named Ionways. They produce the water alkalizers with the same quality and assurance that both of their names have garnered in the past .

Jupiter waiter ionizers have been the most popular and best made water ionizers since beginning in the early 80s. By producing products of exceptional quality and long life and consistent customer satisfaction, these water ionizers maintain a permanence within a marketplace that is growing. Despite the name change to Ionways, the products sold as Jupter water ionizers can thankfully still be found under the now famous Jupiter namesake.